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How to Download YouTube Videos

Step 1

Open YouTube and search the desired video. The link of the video can be found on the URL box of the browser. Copy that link.

Step 2

You will see a search bar that says ‘Paste your video link here’. Paste the copied link on the above search bar and hit enter ‘GO’.


Step 3

Choose the options you want and click ‘Download’. The downloading process will start.

How can I download the video from YouTube?

Who does not love YouTube? It's the largest online platform for video sharing, as well as the most successful product of Google. Founded in 2005, YouTube is everyone’s favorite to find and enjoy tons of videos online and make your playlist but when it comes to access those video where there is no Wi-Fi connection, its ruins all the fun.

So, what to do to download Free YouTube videos so you can play them anywhere and anytime?

The solution is to use for tons of YouTube video download online.

Why You Need A YouTube Video Downloader?

Overall, YouTube is a great platform. But obviously, there are issues.

  1. YouTube requires internet connection all the time to watch videos, even the ones you save in your playlist.
  2. Secondly, the problem is that there is no option on YouTube to download videos on your storage device. Sure, there is an option to download the video for offline use, but that option is not available for all the videos.
  3. Thirdly, people who watch YouTube like to download videos to watch them later when they want or when the internet is not available.To do so, you need to store videos on your device. With YouTube's video download option (available for selected videos), you can download and watch the video later, but again, the problem is you can only watch downloaded videos on YouTube. You cannot transfer the video through devices.

To resolve all these issues, you need a good downloader to download and watch the video content.For this, will help you to save your videos anytime, anywhere and that too for free.

With, you can watch the video any time later off the grid, offline, and without internet access by downloading it on your device.The video will be on your device, so no need to stream or download anything.

Youcan easily transfer the downloaded video to any device and enjoy it.The good thing about our freevideo downloader is that you can use it on your mobile as well.

Download High-Quality YouTube Videos

Yes, with our YouTube video download online tool, you can download high-quality YouTube videos for free because it is the best source to download videos from YouTube free.

Just make sure that the desired video is uploaded in high quality before hitting the download button.It is because the Video downloader will download it in the quality in which it uploaded on YouTube.

For example, if the video you want to download is uploaded in 1080p. Then you will see downloading options in 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p. Make the decision based on your choice.

Moreover, downloading a heavy file like a movie or missed sports match, the file's subtitles areautomatically downloaded.You can see subtitles if your media player supports them. They will only appear if uploaded with the video. Otherwise, you can search them online and save them.

Why Us? is the best tool to download free YouTube videos. It offers all YouTube supported formats. No sign-ups, registrations, or contracts are required. We offer 100% free services for everyone and anywhere.

Unlimited and Free Download Options

On this website, you can download videos for unlimited times, at any time, and at no cost at all. Just head out to our YouTube Video downloader once you discover a video on YouTube and download it right now from URL.

Various Output Selections

Our Video downloader supports various formats such as MP3, MP4, and WebM. You can select the desired one for free to save the videos offline. Also, We enable the user to select the output video quality freely from 144p to 1080p.

No Registration Hassle

Just open the website and start using our amazing online free YouTube video downloading service. No need to sign-up for the account or log in.

High Compatibility

With high-capability, downloader offers great convenience for its users. It does not require you to download the required mainstream browser first like Firefox, Chrome. Opera, and Safari, as it is available in all these browsers.

YouTube to MP4 Conversion

Instead of online streaming YouTube videos, convert them to MP4 format to playback offline. It will make your time more flexible. Then, you can stream the videos or freely share it with your friends via social media platforms whenever you want.

Fast Downloading Speed

You can download the videos at the fastest speed because we don’t restrain the downloading speed.

Cross-platform Support

Download YouTube videosfor freeon Android, Windows, iOS, and mac O.S. All you need is continuous access to the internet on any of your devices.

No requirement of Additional Software

You can easily download any YouTube video from the website without installing any additional software requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

If something goes wrong while downloading, the first thing you have to do is to refresh the browser and then again download the desired content. If there is still an issue, reach out to us and describe your problem. We will resolve the issue in no time.

If the F.A.Qssection has not covered the question you are looking for, write your message.

There is no restriction on video length. You can download any long length video from YouTube by following three steps mentioned earlier.

Yes, it will download the subtitles of the movie automatically if it is inbuilt in the video already. You can see subtitles while watching the video if the media player of the system supports the subtitles. If the required video does not have subtitles, you can download from other websites and merge while offline video streaming.

Yes, you can, from any channel, regardless the video is made offline or not.

Our process is simple, fast, and secure. You do not need to make an account or give any authentication for using this downloading tool.

Our downloader guarantees that our whole downloading process is 100% safe, but we are not responsible for the content of the video that the user is going to download. Also, downloader will not disclose any personal information of the user. It’s free of bundled malware and pop-up ads.

It is generally not allowed by YouTube for users to video from their platform and use the videos commercially. If one wants to download a video from YouTube for personal use only or save it as a collection, then it’s legal.

If you are accessing our site using a normal browser, then files will be saved in the Downloads link of the browser menu. You can locate your file from there.